At the very heart of nature

LUMISHELL is a prefab modular dwelling intended to be implanted in the heart of Nature.

This unique, curving habitat blurs the distinction between indoor and outdoor space to offer the unique experience of being outside, while enjoying the inside comfort.

You are a hotelkeeper, a landlord with an exceptional landscape, or a traveler seeking a place for merging with nature?

Experience LUMISHELL, a cocoon in the wilderness.

From the Indoors to Outside

LUMISHELL is built around two LUMICENE® units. This new concept uses curved glass in aluminium frames sliding between two rails, allowing the interior space to be occasionally transformed into an outdoor space.

Technical details

Dimension & Usage

Total Surface: 40m2

  1. Main access
  2. Day circle
  3. Night circle
  4. Bathroom
  5. Toilets
  6. Technical maintenance access
  7. Technical toilets access
Structure & Installation
  • Manufacture & pre-assembly in the factory
  • Transport by truck or container
  • Assembly on site in 4 to 5 days (excluding possible connections)
  • No need to lay foundations, the structure is self-supporting, requiring a flat surface capable of taking the weight
Green specs & Autonomy

Menuiseries: 2 LUMICENE® - 4m diameter, curved glass Saint-Gobain Planitherm 6/16/6 FE. Curved aluminium profiles with thermal breaks. Ug 1,1 W/m²K.

Winter thermal comfort: solar energy capture is optimized by curved glazed surfaces.

Summer thermal comfort: external blinds used as sun protection (fabric used: Soltis 92 by Serge Ferrari). Natural cross ventilation.

Visual comfort: interior curtains.

Energy and autonomy: solar panels roofing and recovery of rainwater are available for set up.

Materials used


A raw and refined envelope made from a recyclable material.


For floor and furniture for the warm comfort of a cocoon.


Outdoors: sun protection.
Inside: visual comfort & privacy.

Glass & Mirror

Reflections and mirror illusions to diffuse the landscape on the inside.



Manufacturing leadtime: 9 months

Price: Contact us

Delivery Worldwide, Only the view matters...

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Our story

LUMISHELL is a concept born out of the encounter between LUMICENE®, a budding firm developing a concept of curved sliding windows, also called Lumicene, and Christophe Benichou, a young engineer and architect, passionate about wilderness architectures.

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Christophe Benichou